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Syria-Israel Tensions: Israel’s Superpower Status in Question after Shooting of Israeli F-16

Syria-Israel Tensions are not new, but shooting down of an Israeli fighter jet in the disputed “Golan Heights”, has inflamed the matters. Israel has continually exerted itself as a superpower in the Middle East but Syria (backed by Russia and Iran) recently shot down an Israeli F-16 fighter jet, which raised questions about Israel’s superpower status. EurAsian Times has prepared a brief analysis of the opinion of the Russian Media.

This sudden rise of the Syria-Israel tensions surged after Israel claimed that one of the Israeli warplanes was within the airspace of Syria to detect an Iran drone operating within the region of Iran. As facts came to light, it was discovered that the drone was actually within the Golan Heights, a land in the Syria region that has been unlawfully captured by Israel ever since 1967.

Rising Syria-Israel Tensions Show that Israeli Warplanes are Not Invincible

Contrary to the common belief this shooting down of the Iranian F-16 has made it loud and clear that the warplanes of Iran can be defeated. The incident led to Israel playing the victim card to Arab wrath. However, this attack by Syria is clearly an act of self-defence after Israel has repeatedly violated the sovereign laws.

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Although Israel has always been presented as a ‘bystander’ in the Syria conflict, the head of the Israel Air Force stated that the nation had led several operations in Syria, in the previous year. In fact, Israel is an accomplice to many bombings in Syria, arming of the Jihadist terror groups in the Golan region, provided medical aid to terror groups and many other factors that are coming to light and igniting the Syria-Israel tension.

Support To Al-Qaeda – Main Reason for Syria-Israel Tensions

Supporting Al-Qaeda aids Israel in two ways- gaining power over the Golan region and weakening of Hezbollah. This attack on the F-16 is thus a retaliation that had long been due on Syria’s part. This is the first time, since 1982, that Syria has taken down a warplane from Israel. The Damascus leaders have continually warned against a retaliation to the persistent aggression by Israel.

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Although Israel claims to have completely destroyed the air defence of Syria, the Syrian government denies any such destruction. In fact, Syria is ‘winning the war’ by overpowering all the rebel groups and numerous attempts by the west to overthrow the Syrian power, and reclaiming their land against all odds.

How Will Syria React to Israeli Aggression?

A war-like situation between Israel and Hezbollah has long been expected. Hezbollah has gained much power and might since the last war between the two. Hezbollah is also stronger with Iraq and Syria on its side. Israel is unlikely to step into this war, for now. Now that the Syria-Israel tensions are at an all new peak and Syria has proved its wrath and might, Israel might take a step back.

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Additionally, Syria also has the support of US for its democratic front and the support of Russia aiding its government. The Syria-Israel tensions are high but all aspects favour Syria presently. Syria has announced and openly declared that it will not stand back and retaliate to any aggression or act of wrath by Israel.

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