Stop Poking Your Nose In Kashmir – Can PM Modi Make It Clear To Donald Trump?

Even though India has time and again reiterated that Kashmir is an internal matter, the US is still offering to mediate between Indian and Pakistan on Jammu and Kashmir. The US President who has made repeated offers of mediation before once again stated on Tuesday that he will discuss the Kashmir issue with Narendra Modi on the sidelines of the upcoming G7 summit this weekend in France.

Trump, Putin Knew About Modi Governments Plan To Scrap Article 370 From Kashmir

Trump maintaining his eagerness to mediate on Kashmir said that he will do the best he can to bring India and Pakistan on the same page with respect to Kashmir. The revocation of Article 370 and Article 35A by the government of India has rather led to an internationalisation of the Kashmir conflict.

‘Explosive situation’ in Kashmir: Trump

The US President said that the situation in Kashmir has become explosive. Furthermore, he said that Kashmir is a complicated place and has a lot to do with religion.

Has Donald Trump Offered Pakistan A Secret Deal To Scrap CPEC Project?

He elaborated that Hindus and Muslims in the valley don’t go along very well and that is a grave situation. These comments from Trump came during his interview with the reporters in the Oval Office of the White House.

Why India might not like these comments?

Donald Trump’s assertion of giving a religious angle to Kashmir may not go well with New Delhi. India has categorically told the US several times that India isn’t looking for any mediation on Kashmir.

Why Is Donald Trump So Keen To Mediate Between India and Pakistan Over The Kashmir Dispute?

This new offer to mediate calling Kashmir as being explosive will certainly irk India. If Donald Trump again brings this to the table along the sidelines of the upcoming G7 summit, then this will further deteriorate the India-US relationship.

Did Modi Really Ask Trump’s Help To Solve The Kashmir Dispute?

These comments (on Kashmir) came after Donald Trump held telephonic conversations with both, Narendra Modi and Imran Khan. Trump stated that he has had a word with both the prime ministers with regards to trade, strategic partnerships and most imperatively, maintaining restraint in Kashmir.