Stop Day Dreaming, Independence For Kashmir is Just Not Possible

Experts have categorically stated that independence for Kashmir even in the worst of the conditions is not possible. Even former Pakistan PM, Shahid Khaqan Abbasi had earlier asserted that Kashmir will have to opt between India and Pakistan, and independence is not a possibility. This was reaffirmed today by veteran Congress leader Mani Shankar Aiyar.

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Aiyar stated that either government should properly try to maintain peace in Kashmir or they should start a war once for all. In an exclusive conversation with news agency Press Trust of Kashmir, Aiyar said “We are always ready to talk about Kashmir. Leave India and Pakistan on one side, the demand of free Kashmir is totally impossible. They should either go with India or Pakistan”.

Aiyar said that the talks between India and Pakistan can only move forward if Narendra Modi is not Prime Minister”. He added, “If people of Kashmir want to go back to 1947, we should accept this and go back to 1947 and try to find out all the information about the accession of Kashmir”.

He said that Jammu and Kashmir got a new constitution and the first point of the constitution reads “Kashmir is the internal part of India and it is mentioned in one of the articles of Jammu and Kashmir constitution”. “In 1956 when Jammu and Kashmir constitution was framed there is clearly maintained that Kashmir is an integral part of India”, Aiyar added. He said that all the politicians are laying and playing a game with the people of Kashmir.

He added, “the constitution of J&K shows that if any bill or law will be passed in Indian constitution to impose the law in J&K they should take permission from the constitution of J&K”.

H further added, “People say that they India forcefully entered Kashmir is totally a lie and people should accept the reality that People of Kashmir have acceded done with India and there will be no chance of Free Kashmir”.

Aiyar added there is no support for an independent Kashmir on the ground in either part of Kashmir, or within the Kashmiri diaspora. He said people of Jammu and Kashmir should be asked as to which central laws they want to retain and which ones they want to discontinue. “We should start a structured dialogue without being afraid. You will come to some conclusion,” he said.

“If we have to resolve this (Kashmir) issue, this Instrument of Accession, which was signed in 1947, has to be kept in mind and from there we have to start. Then, we should discuss what you (people of J&K) want to keep and what you do not want to keep (among laws and acts implemented since then),” Aiyar said.

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