The Sad Demise of Sridevi and The Appalling Death of Indian Media – #NewsKiMaut

The sad demise of veteran actress, Sridevi, came as a shock, leaving millions of fans reeling in pain. Sridevi was and will always be an idol, a cult figure and an inspiration for many. But what came as an even bigger shock was the reaction of the Indian media! The media has a responsibility; in this case, they have robbed of the Peace in R.I.P Sridevi.

Sridevi began her acting career at the very young age of 4. Ever since, she has acted in many path-breaking films, across languages and a myriad of roles that have shaped Indian cinema. Be it her unparalleled comic timing, graceful dancing or the ability to move masses to tears of happiness and sadness- Sridevi will always be a legacy.

Sridevi’s Death brings Forth the Ugly Face of Indian Media and News

Anybody who has seen how the death of Sridevi has been reported on TV news channels will agree that it shows the ugliest face of journalism. No wonder hashtags like #NewsKiMaut, that translates to ‘Death of News’, are trending on popular social media platforms. According to the first reports, the cause of death was a cardiac arrest in Dubai, where Sridevi had gone to attend a wedding. Further investigation revealed that the real cause was ‘accidental drowning’ in the bathtub. The investigation also reported traces of alcohol in the body.

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And this is all it took to drive ‘news’ reporters and journalists to create ‘sensation’ on TV! Instead of mourning and grieving the death of such a fine Indian woman, journalists have resorted to gossiping, moral policing and a blame game. Cosmetic surgeons are bringing up body issues, nutritionists are bringing up unhealthy lifestyles, journalists are questioning morals and everyone else is just trying to grab screen space. Dangers of fat burners and steroids and cosmetic surgery have become the ‘news of the hour’ instead of the very point at hand.

A Gross Visual Depiction of the Death of Sridevi

To make matters worse, these said journalists and news reporters have stooped to the level of visually depicting the death scene- a scene which none of them really saw! Images of her dead body floating in a bathtub, poorly morphed visuals, were splashed across the screens. There was a journalist who openly tweeted to bring forth ‘Sridevi’s last 15 minutes in the bathroom’. Friends and family of Sridevi were questioned about her alcohol habit, focusing on her preference. One news journalist reported with pride that Sridevi never consumer hard liquor, only wine. A guest on the ‘news talk show’ made crude remarks on how a single glass of alcohol taken with anti-depressants could lead to such an accident.

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Is it important? Is this really news? What is appalling here, the fact that journalists see gossip and sensation in such debates or the fact that audiences watch, react and further such discussions?

Sridevi and the Legacy that Will Live On

With a career spanning over 5 decades, the legacy of Sridevi will live on and will always be fondly remembered. With two beautiful daughters, a loving husband, millions of fans and an inspirational professional career, Sridevi is a legend who will continue to inspire people.

While Sridevi will continue to live in our hearts and memories, this is really the death of Indian news channels and journalists. R.I.P Indian Media and Journalism.

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