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Special Mughlai Cuisine Served To Russian President Vladimir Putin at Hyderabad House

Special Mughlai Cuisine, including a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes were prepared to serve Russian President Vladimir Putin. Additionally, several dozen dishes were prepared on Friday at the Hyderabad House in the honour of Russian President, who is on a visit to New Delhi. The reception was held on behalf of the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. 

Journalists were able to familiarize themselves with the menu, which takes into account the tastes of both non-vegetarians and vegetarians. The guests, in particular, were offered “salmon fillet with a delicate parsley and cheese sauce”, “minced lamb roasted with onions, chilli peppers and grilled saffron spices”, “juicy chicken pieces, grilled and stewed in cream sauce, lamb, stewed in traditional Mughlai style.

For vegetarians there was watermelon cream soup, “fragrant puff pastry from a mixture of sprouts, sweet tamarind yogurt”, kebabs from lotus stems and lentils with mango sauce, homemade cheese and peas cooked in a makhni sauce, “flavored basmati rice with black peas and ricotta silver pearls “, a mixture of seasonal vegetables and asparagus, stewed with Indian spices, grilled eggplant with feta cheese, sesame and black pepper,” black lentils, stewed overnight on charcoal to impart a special taste and cream oic texture. “

For dessert, homemade pistachio ice cream and brownie cake under a double layer of chocolate were offered, as well as fruit. Among the drinks on the menu are coffee and tea.

The trio’s musical accompaniment was provided by a trio — a violin, a tabla and a keyboard instrument. The program of the concert at the dinner in honour of the Russian President sounded Russian songs included songs from Bollywood movies, other popular Indian music.

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