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Spain Overtakes Italy In Covid-19 Cases; Death Toll Close To 11,000

Spain has now more confirmed cases of Covid-19 than Italy, with the total number of infections reaching 117,710 and death toll nearing 11,000 according to data released by the country’s Health Ministry on Friday.

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Spain has also become the only country with the most confirmed cases of coronavirus behind the United States which has over 245,000 cases. According to the ministry, 932 more people succumbed the pandemic taking the death toll to 10,935 as on Friday evening, IST.

According to the government, new infections have stabilized in the country, but data revealed the rate of new confirmed cases has been on a rise in Spain compared to Italy last week. Yet, in some of the hardest-hit regions, such as Madrid, the pressure is easing off hospital emergency rooms.

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The number of coronavirus deaths jumped to 53,000 as another scary milestone was reached with more than one million confirmed infections. The US reported the highest daily death toll of any country so far at nearly 1,200. It now has more than 6,000+ casualties as the infection swiftly spreads.

More than 1,026,000 people have been diagnosed with the virus globally, according to the data from Johns Hopkins University. More than 217,000 people have recovered from the disease, including 9,000 in the US.

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