Here is how South Korea Reacted to Trump-Kim Meeting in Singapore

Why was South Korea keenly watching the much anticipated Trump-Kim Meeting in Singapore? Besides the global community, South Korea was keenly observing the talks between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un. The historic summit between the United States and North Korea went well and was marked by warm gestures between the two leaders. The Trump-Kim Meeting marked a historic event of the modern world. 

Israel Urges World To Halt Nuclear Iran after Trump-Kim Meeting in Singapore

Donald Trump called the face to face meeting with the North Korean leader as being ‘very very good.’ Even the United Nations hailed the meeting and said that the Trump-Kim meet can set a global precedence for nuclear disarmament.

South Korea Jubilant after Trump-Kim Meet

South Korea lauded the historic meeting between the US and North Korea. South Korea was jubilant after the Trump-Kim meet and hopes to begin afresh with Pyongyang. Moon Jae-In, the President of South Korea said that the summit will pave way for denuclearization, peace and a new era.

Moon Jae-In with his cabinet ministers closely watched the proceedings of the historic meeting through live-streamed scenes. He also said that he was so excited about the Trump-Kim meeting that he spent a sleepless night before the talks commenced in Singapore today.

The political establishment in South Korea, as well as the people of South Korea, have found reasons to smile seeing how warm the Trump-Kim meeting was. Everyone believes that this will be a tectonic shift that shall pave the way for a better world. The local media of South Korea termed this summit as the ‘Talks of the Century.’

Will the US and North Korea live up to the faith? Is this historic summit actually aligning the possibilities of a denuclearised and peaceful world? Will North Korea denuclearize for real and if yes then would other nations follow the precedence?

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