Middle-East Crisis Worsens; Qatar Threatens Counter Actions Against Saudi Arabia

The Middle-East Crisis seems to be intensifying as Qatar has sternly responded to Saudi Arabia’s threats of military action against Doha. Earlier, Saudi Arabia had threatened Qatar with Military actions if Doha goes ahead with the purchase of Russian S-400 Air Defence System.  

In an interview given to Al Jazeera, Qatar’s Foreign Minister, Mohammed Bin Al Thani said that any such actions instigated by Saudi Arabia will violate international norms. He further added that a military action would also be a violation to a charter of the Gulf Cooperation Council. Riyadh had threatened Qatar of military action if Qatar goes ahead with its plan to purchase long-range S-400 air defence missiles from Russia.

Will Lobby All International Forums: Qatar

The Foreign Minister of Qatar said, “The purchase of military equipment is a sovereign decision that no country has anything to do with.” He further said that Qatar would lobby all the international forums to come in support of Qatar. He said that these threats would be treated the same way as the ongoing illegal blockade.

Mohammed Bin Al Thani also highlighted the fact that any action from Saudi Arabia will be a violation to the charter of the Gulf Cooperation Council. As per the charter, member nations cannot attack each other.

Despite all hopes, the Middle-East Crisis has continued to escalate. Qatar was accused of perpetrating terror and supporting Iran. In 2017 Saudi Arabia led a coalition of UAE, Bahrain, and Egypt suspended ties with Qatar. Is the rift between Qatar and Saudi led Arab Nations widening beyond repair?

The United States and Kuwait have tried to offer a diplomatic solution. All efforts by the US and Kuwait were however stalled. Qatar feels that it is being belittled because it decided to pursue an independent foreign policy.

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