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Will Assist Philippines in a War Against China Over South China Sea: US

The US will stand with the Philippines in the South China Sea dispute with China. This was stated by the US defence official on Thursday who said that the US will assist the Philippines as a good ally in responding to the threats posed by China in the South China Sea. China has been at loggerheads with many nations, including the Philippines over the South China Sea Dispute. 

As reported by SCMP, Randall Shriver, assistant secretary of defence for Asian and Pacific security affairs gave assurance that the US will stand firmly with the Philippines to confront China’s aggressive stance towards the South China Sea. In recent times China has built several artificial islands in the region and has militarised them with high-end missile systems and other lethal weapons.

The United States has signed a mutual defence treaty with the Philippines under which the US is bound to help Manila in case China invades the main Filipino occupied island in the South China Sea Region.

The defence official told the reporters at the US embassy in Manila that the US stands by its commitments and there should be no misunderstanding or lack of clarity about the same. He reaffirmed the commitment of Washington to help the Philippines accordingly in case of any offensive measures instigated by Beijing. The US has always promoted the idea of a free and open South China Sea so as to facilitate global trade.

In recent times seeing China’s aggressive stance on the dispute, other nations including the US too have intensified their military presence in the region. The Philippines is one of the nations which assert the claim over the islands of the South China Sea in contradiction to the claims made by Beijing over the island.

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