Sindhu Sudarshan Exercise: Indian Army Launches Massive Drills Near Pakistan Border With Latest War Machinery

Sindhu Sudarshan Exercise: The Indian Army’s southern command is planning to hold a major military exercise titled Sindhu Sudarshan involving more than 40,000 troops with several tanks, artillery guns and attack helicopters.

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The Sindhu Sudarshan exercise will be carried out on India’s western front with Pakistan from November 13 to 18 in the Jaisalmer-Barmer desert in Rajasthan, according to local media reports.

The annual exercise named as Sindu Sudarshan-VII is aimed to test the operational battle readiness and manoeuvres warfare capability of the Indian Army’s 21 Corps, one of service’s three so-called strike corps in a combined air-land battle scenario.

An official from the team stated – “These will include movements of tanks, infantry combat vehicles and artillery guns to see how they can be placed in an advantageous position during a battle scenario and then employing their firepower.”

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The first part of the Sindhu Sudarshan exercise was held in the middle of October with firepower demonstration in Pokhran. The corps currently consists of two infantry divisions, one armoured division, and three support brigades.

And thus the exercise is objected to show the integration between tanks including T-72 and infantry including combat vehicles, artillery guns, army air defence, attack helicopters such as the armed Advanced Light Helicopter ‘Rudra’ and special forces.

It’s going to be the very first time that the K-9 Vajra self-propelled artillery gun, which was inducted into the army last November, is being used. The army is getting its hand on 100 of these kind of guns similar to what is used by the South Korean Army ‘K9 Thunder’.

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The Sindhu Sudarshan exercise is happening simultaneously with the maiden Indo-US tri-services humanitarian assistance and disaster relief (HADR) exercise called ‘Tiger Triumph’ taking place on India’s eastern seaboard.

The Tiger Triumph is expected to highlight the expanding synergy between the military forces of both countries to combat China. The exercise is aimed at developing interoperability for conducting HADR operations.

Indian Naval ships Jalashwa, Airavat and Sandhayak, army troops from two infantry units and Indian Air Force Mi-17 helicopters and Rapid Action Medical Team (RAMT) would be participating in the exercise.

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NS Jalashwa Ship is a landing platform dock that performs beaching operations and also carries helicopters and small landing crafts for steady transport of troops and supplies. US Navy Ship Germantown with troops from the US Third Marine Division would be representing the US workforce.