MBBS in China Attracting Thousands Of Indian Medical Students

The number of students pursuing MBBS in China has grown immensely in the past few years. There are an estimated 21,000 Indian students studying MBBS program in China.

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Owing to the stiff competition in the market and increase in the number of private colleges, there are hardly any government medical colleges where one can get admission in the MBBS program, easily.

The chances of getting admission in an Indian medical college are less than 3 per cent. While you have an option of private colleges, the high fees and authenticity holds one back. Every year most of the MBBS aspirants either start looking for a huge list of private colleges in India with a high MBBS fee structure and end up getting admission in China.

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Studying MBBS in India has become extremely competitive. Cost of medical programs in India is quite high when compared to China. China is one of the most popular countries where a large number of Indian students apply for MBBS as education and living is affordable.

Siva, 28 hails from Hyderabad, India. He is a second-year postgraduate student working as an intern in a hospital attached to the Guangxi Medical University in south China’s Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. Siva now has been living in China for eight years as a result of his passion for medicine and his interest in Chinese culture.

“I hope to become a doctor. Compared to studying in Western countries, the tuition and accommodation fees of universities in China are much cheaper and I also got a scholarship,” said Siva. The scholarship Siva referred to is funded by the Chinese government, provided to around 63,000 international students in 2018; accounting for 12.8 per cent of the total foreign students in China, according to China’s Ministry of Education.

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After learning Mandarin Chinese for a year, Siva is able to communicate with the local patients smoothly and earns around 3500 Yuan i.e.495 US dollars each month from his internship at the hospital. And once a week, Siva gives medical lectures to junior Indian students.

There are thousands of Indian students studying MBBS in China. However, to practice medicine in India these students have to clear Foreign Medical Graduates Examination (FMGE) organized by India’s National Board of Examinations.

With a record number of students from India enrolling to study MBBS in China, the country’s education ministry has sanctioned only 45 of the local medical colleges from among over 200 to enrol foreign students to teach MBBS in English.

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At present over 23,000 Indian students are studying different courses in Chinese universities, as against over 28,000 from Pakistan.  Of the 23,000 Indian students, over 21,000 have enrolled to study MBBS. Though Chinese universities rushed to enrol foreign medical students, especially India, they have struggled to hire quality professors to teach in English.