SHOCKING: Tibetan Internet Celebrity Burned To Death In China

In a horrifying case reported in China, a 30-year old Tibetan woman was brutally burned alive while she was live-streaming on social media.

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While the social media star’s name was not revealed, she is known by the name Ram in the local media. She was a 30-year old Tibetan woman from the Sichuan province in southwest China and was a popular vlogger who was known to make videos of her daily adventures in nearby mountains.

Her image is that of a healthy and sweet, sincere girl, who often sings and dances in front of the camera, shares videos reflecting the happy life in the countryside.

In an unfortunate incident on September 14, while she was live-streaming a video, her ex-husband bashed into the house armed with a meat cleaver, doused her with petrol and set fire to the house.

The attack reportedly left the vlogger with 90% burns and died later in extreme pain and agony after being in the coma for 16 days.

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According to the local reports, she had a sizeable amount of followers on her social media account. In her last video, she was shown lip-syncing a local Tibetan song to thank her fans. Beijing Youth Daily reported that the screen suddenly went black and her followers heard screams during the broadcast.

Her cousin Luo Luo told Red Star News that the man carried out domestic violence.

“When they had the first child, we persuaded her to divorce him. “Later, he threatened to kill the child and her family. “I got her to come to Chengdu to hide for a while, but her father was too old and she went back for the sake of the children.”

The police reportedly arrested the man after the gruesome incident and said that the investigations are ongoing.