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Did Israel Outsmart Pakistan to Grab Saudi Nuclear Weapons Deal?

Is Saudi Arabia the next aspirant of Nuclear Weapons? Why is Saudi Arabia seeking Israeli expertise in developing Nuclear Weapons over traditional ally Pakistan? According to various Middle East media reports, Israel is selling data to Riyadh that would allow Saudi Arabia to produce nuclear weapons and counter regional rival Iran. But the question remains, why did Saudi Arabian regime prefer Israel over Pakistan? 

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Ami Dor-On, a senior nuclear commentator with the Israeli military organization iHLS, stated that improved Israel- Saudi Relations have been possible due to broadening ties between Mohammad bin Salman (MBS) and Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu.

“This news should alarm us as we see the world is changing for the worse, following the race for nuclear weapons that fly right over our heads in the Middle East,” the Middle East Monitor quoted Arabi21.

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Why Saudi Arabia Opted for Israel over Pakistan?

According to the report, the Israeli government is well aware that Saudi Arabia would work towards developing nuclear weapons and wanted to ensure that no other regional rival like Pakistan is in the fray for helping the Saudi regime.

According to Dor-On, Pakistan has already indicated that it is ready to share “nuclear expertise” with Saudi Arabia “within a month” should the arms race intensify in the Middle East.

Saudi Arabia was the principal financier of Pakistan’s nuclear program. It is believed that Saudi royals took the initiative in the 1970s after finding out that Israel and India had already started to develop their own nuclear weapons.

According to various defence experts, the close proximity between Mohammad bin Salman and PM Benjamin Netanyahu, a common regional rival in Iran, Israel’s advanced technology & dominant position in the global arena with strong backing from the United States were key factors why Saudi would have preferred Israel over Pakistan.

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Earlier, Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister clearly stated that Riyadh would build their own nuclear weapons if Iran was permitted to restarts its nuclear weapons program.

Asked what his country will do if Iran restarts its nuclear program, Adel Al-Jubeir in an interview to CNN stated “we will do whatever it takes to protect our people. We have made it amply clear that if Tehran acquires nuclear capability, Riyadh will we will do everything possible to do the same.”

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