Will Samsung Galaxy S9 Overshadow Apple’s iPhone X?

Samsung and Apple have always been at loggerheads! The launch of the new Samsung Galaxy S9 has raised the Apple Vs Samsung discussions yet again. The Samsung Galaxy S9 was launched at the Mobile World Congress on Sunday, will it overpower Apple’s latest iPhone X?

The Samsung Galaxy S9 has been launched with 2 versions- the 5.9 inches S9 and 6.2 inches S9+. The Samsung Galaxy S9 boasts of an unmatched camera with great quality of pictures, a super slow mode for videos and the much-hyped AR emoji. Does this sound similar? The Apple iPhone X was also launched with greater camera features and the Animoji. But is the Samsung Galaxy S9 better?

Samsung Galaxy S9 Challenges iPhone X

The Galaxy S9 has begun its pre-orders, with the phone going off the racks from mid of March. It comes with a 12-megapixel dual-lens camera in the front and an 8-megapixel front-facing one too. Bixby, the smart assistant of Samsung, is also expected to be improved. Other improved features are a better sound quality for the speakers, the wireless charging and a jack for the headphone. The camera continues to be the key highlight of the Samsung Galaxy S9, with both enhanced pictures and videos.

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AR Emoji, or Augmented Reality Emoji, allows the Galaxy S9 user to click selfies and transform them into custom emojis. It mimics the user’s facial expressions too. This is a direct comparison to Animoji launched by Apple for iPhone X, however, the big difference is that with Samsung the user is making an emoji of themselves.

How is the Samsung Galaxy S9 Better than the predecessors?

When it comes to the looks, the S9 is not significantly different from the S8. However, the upgrades and features are remarkably improved. The main competition for Samsung is however not it’s own older models but other smartphone brands, especially Apple and Huawei. To rise above the competition, Samsung had initiated a trade-in program that allows users to sell their old Samsung devices in exchange for money to enhance an expensive phone buying experience for them.

Will the Galaxy S9 rule the markets and affect the sales and popularity of the Apple iPhone X? Market sales for the Samsung Galaxy S9 start in March. Let’s wait and watch.

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