SAARC Women Entrepreneurs Meet To Address Economic-Societal Challenges

SAARC Chamber Women Entrepreneur Council will recognize women entrepreneurs to meet socio-economic challenges. The SAARC countries women entrepreneur will meet in Colombo on March 2nd.

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The woman entrepreneur nominated from each of the SAARC nations will receive the prestigious title of ‘SAARC Woman Entrepreneur of the year 2018’ at a function in Colombo. The women business leaders from SAARC nations will meet to find fresher avenues to meet economic and societal challenges in the region.

Chairperson of SCWEC, Rifa Musthapha shared details of the summit saying, “The inaugural international award is our affirmation and recognition of the trailblazing success of women entrepreneurs in our neighboring Countries. By giving them the spotlight, we are creating outstanding role models of themselves and their businesses which SCWEC wants to amplify in no uncertain terms and help catalyze seamless cross border trade and investment”.

“The business model propagated by SCWEC upholds the belief ‘by the women, for the women, and to the women’. It is a sustainable, revenue-generating enterprise that gives stakeholders the opportunity to be actively involved and engaged in manufacturing and distributing the product. This model will be replicated in select townships in each of the SAARC Countries”, said the Chairperson of SCWEC.

On March 29th, 2001 Women’s Chamber of Industry & Commerce, Sri Lanka (WCIC) set up the SAARC Chamber Women Entrepreneur Council (SWEC)with the aim of creating awareness, closer contact, regional fellowship and cooperation among women entrepreneurs in the Countries of the SAARC region.

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