Russian Warns NATO To Stop Killing Innocents in Afghanistan

Russia is exasperated at NATO’s “errant” attacks in Afghanistan, which have become almost a routine, the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement. “We are totally outraged at the fact that NATO’s ‘errant’ attacks in Afghanistan have almost become a daily routine, while no one has been held accountable,” the statement reads.

“We believe that the prevailing situation is a result of gross miscalculations the US made in Afghanistan and Washington’s dependence on the use of military force to solve the situation in the country.

We call on Washington to review its short-sighted strategy and opt for diplomatic actions aimed at launching an inter-Afghan dialogue,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said, adding that Kremlin called “for bringing those responsible for crimes against civilians to justice.”

The ministry pointed out that according to local authorities, on September 20, foreign airstrikes had killed three civilians and left another ten wounded, including women and children, in the Afghan province of Paktia.

On September 22, an airstrike hit a residential dwelling in the Kapisa province, killing nine civilians, including four women and three children. Several people were critically injured. On September 23, a US airstrike in the Nangarhar province killed nine civilians and left four wounded.

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