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Russian Spetsnaz Using ‘Robotic Weapon Station’ During Mopping Operations In Ukraine — Watch

The fighting between Russian and Ukrainian forces has recently intensified with the invading troops shelling civilian areas and buildings and the Ukrainian forces planning counterattacks to recover their occupied territory.

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Amid this chaos, Russia has now fielded its state-of-the-art Arbalet-DM robotic station.

A security source has revealed that the Russian special forces, or Spetsnaz as they are called in Russia, are using the Arbalet-DM remote-controlled weapons stations (RCWS) successfully during the special operation in Ukraine, TASS reported.

A remote-controlled weapon station (RCWS) is a remotely operated weaponized system that can be installed on a ground combat vehicle and sea and air-based combat platforms. It is frequently outfitted with a fire-control system for light and medium-caliber weapons.

According to the source, Russian special forces successfully employ Tigr armored vehicles equipped with Arbalet remote-controlled weapon stations during mopping-up operations. It enables the operator to monitor the situation from a secure location. EurAsian Times could not independently verify this news.

Tigr-M with remote-controlled Arbalet-DM- Wikimedia Commons

A multifunctional vehicle Tigr-M with the Arbalet-DM, was unveiled during the Army exhibition in 2016. The system and vehicle also participated in the Victory Parade in Red Square on May 9, 2016. It was finally put into use by the Russian military in 2017.

While Tigr has been used and photographed in the conflict zone on previous occasions, a video of the Arbalet-DM remote-controlled weapon system has recently gone viral on the internet. In the video, a Russian troop could be seen adjusting the gunner position on the Arbalet-DM inside a vehicle.


This development comes even as the Ukrainians are hitting targets deep inside the Russian territory with the HIMARS provided to them by the United States. Emboldened by success at the Snake Island, they are trying to recover their territories occupied by Russia at the onset of the invasion, like Kherson.

On July 10, the deputy prime minister of Ukraine encouraged citizens in the Russian-occupied city of Kherson to leave immediately because his country’s military was preparing a counterattack. Russian invading troops are still present in Ukraine’s Kherson and Mykolaiv Oblasts.

According to reports, a Ukrainian missile attack on a sizable ammunition warehouse in the town of Nova Kakhovka in the Russian-occupied Kherson resulted in at least seven fatalities. This attack was blamed on the weapons acquired from the United States.

In the face of stiff resistance from Ukraine and retaliation using advanced weapon systems, the use of the Arbalet-DM remote-controlled weapons station becomes all the more significant.

Arbalet-DM Mounted On Tigr

Arbalet-DM remote-controlled weapons stations (RCWS) can be mounted on tracked and wheeled chassis, surface ships, and stationary guard posts. Either a 12.7 mm KORD heavy machine gun with 150 rounds of ammo or a 7.62 mm PKTM machine gun with 250 rounds of ammo serve as its primary armament.

Both fixed and moving targets can be automatically detected and followed by the module. Its optical cameras have a range of up to 2.5 kilometers, while its infrared cameras have a range of up to 1.5 kilometers. A laser rangefinder is also included in the sighting system for the weapon station.

In 2020, the Arbalet-DM remote-controlled weapon station (RCWS) from Russia was successfully tested against a moving, nighttime target that resembled a helicopter.

According to a statement from the Russian Ministry of Defense, the target was tracked from a distance of more than 2000 meters while equipped with a 12.7 mm Kord machine gun and a thermal imaging camera.


The Tigr is designed to carry people and freight, tow trailers, mount guns, and have military gear while providing the necessary level of protection from fire. Every Tigr vehicle variant allows for outdoor storage and is made to work in any weather, day or night.

The armored vehicles combine the traits of an all-terrain vehicle and a fast, maneuverable car. It employs an independent torsion bar suspension, which enables it to maintain a high level of comfort for the crew and troops on board despite traveling at the maximum speed possible while traversing rugged terrain.

Tigr-M: file image

The Tigr-M vehicle can be used to mount various armament systems, surveillance, communications, electronic warfare, and other equipment because of its vast interior volume, high load-carrying capacity, protection, and cross-country capability. This is where the Arbalet-DM comes in.

The killer combination of Tigr armored vehicles with the Arbalet-DM robotic system allows the Russian troops to protect themselves while simultaneously locating and firing on the target at any time of the day. This is why they are used primarily in mopping operations by the Russians.

That being said, the Ukrainian troops are pushing back against the Russians when reports indicate that Russia is staring at a depleted arsenal and a significant loss of troops. The situation for Moscow has become precarious after the West equipped Kyiv with long-range weapons.

EurAsian Times had recently reported that Russia was rushing to safeguard the Crimean bridge with air defense and smokescreens to avert a Ukrainian attack. It is an indicator that the war could turn for the worst in the coming days as strikes from both sides intensify.

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