Russian Naval Base In Sudan Under Evaluation By Government – Foreign Minister

The issue of ratifying the agreement on the creation of a logistics center for the Russian navy in Sudan will be considered by the Sudanese Sovereign Council and the government, Foreign Minister Mariam Sadig al-Mahdi told Sputnik.

Al-Mahdi arrived in Russia on Sunday for an official visit.

The Sudanese and Russian defense ministers have already discussed the issues around the Russian navy’s center during a recent meeting, according to the top diplomat.

“The process of ratification of any international agreement requires going through the legislative council, but in its absence at the present time … the council of ministers on the one hand and the civil wing of the Sovereign Council on the other must study such agreements before they are ratified,” the minister said.

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Earlier, the Russian Foreign Ministry’s spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova had stated that a logistical support center for the Russian navy in Sudan would contribute to developing the bilateral defense cooperation, and Moscow is interested in strengthening partnership with the North African country.

Sudanese armed forces’ general staff chief, Muhammad Othman Al-Hussein had earlier announced the intention to revise the agreement on Russia’s naval base on the Red Sea coast.

“We confirm that we are interested in strengthening military and defense partnership with Sudan, and we believe that the agreement to create a logistics support base for the Russian navy is meant to contribute to the development of our cooperation,” Zakharova had stated at a briefing.

The Russian Foreign Ministry’s spokeswoman noted that during the transition period in Sudan, the legislative authority has the necessary powers to ratify agreements.

“Therefore, prior to the deal entered into force, changes can be introduced to the text by agreement and at the discretion of the parties,” Zakharova had explained.