Russian Military To Deploy S-500 Missiles Soon, Could Make All ‘Stealth Jets’ Obsolete

The Russian defence forces are expected to be equipped with new-generation S-500 missile defence systems in the coming years. This was confirmed by the commander of Russian Missile Defense Troops – Major Gen. Sergei Babakov.

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“The Missile Defense Troops started receiving prospective S-350 Vityaz anti-aircraft systems. The delivery of S-500 Prometei systems is also planned,” Babakov said when asked what types of prospective weaponry the troops expected to receive in coming years.

Babakov said that apart from aerodynamic and ballistic targets, S-500 systems can detect and destroy hypersound weapons of all modifications, including in the near space. “This gives us grounds to say that this system has no rivals,” Babakov said.

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S-500 Prometei (55R6M, Triumfator-M class) was designed by Almaz-Antey as a new generation of air and missile defence weapons. S-500 operates a separated method of ballistic and aerodynamic target destruction.

The S-500 is a supplement to the S-400 and a replacement for A-135 anti-ballistic missile and could render the US missile systems such as the Patriot and THAAD as well as fifth-generation stealth fighters obsolete.

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Although the delivery dates of the game-changing S-500s have been pushed forward a couple of times, Russian Deputy Defence Minister, Alexei Krivoruchko, recently confirmed that the Russian army will get the delivery within a year. The Russians military is currently using the S-400 and with the arrival of S-500 hopes to further boost its defensive capabilities.

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India has ordered the formidable S-400 from Russia in a deal expected to be around $5.37 billion. The delivery of the missile systems is scheduled for 2021 as India looks to bolster its air defence capabilities, especially against a belligerent China.