Russian Military Police Starts to Patrol Areas in Damascus, Syria

The Russian military police have started to patrol the southern parts of the Syrian capital, Damascus, which was captured from the ISIS militants. The Russian Military Police is the official law enforcement agency of the Russian Armed Forces, which is operated by the Russian Ministry of Defence. The deployment of Russian Military Police in areas of Damascus was reported by TASS.

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Russian Military police provide law and order security in the areas of Beit Sahm, Sidi-Mikdad, Babbila and Yalda of Syria. On all main streets, there are pedestrian and motorized patrols, and observation posts are on display. The Russian military police units are on duty round the clock and the exchange of information is well in place with the local population.

In accordance with the agreements of the Russian Center for the reconciliation of contending parties, over 8,000 militants and over 5,000 of their family members were expelled from the southern districts of Damascus. The ISIS (Islamic State) now only controls a marginal segment of the said territory. The Syrian armed forces along with Russian backing are conducting aggressive operations to annihilate the terrorist outfit.

Role of Russia in Syria War?

The most influential player in Syria is Russia, which supports the Assad regime because of its military interests. There are Russian naval and air bases in Syria. Shiite Iran also supports Assad. Syria is the main route from where Iran sends weapons to its allies – the militia of Hezbollah in Lebanon. Hezbollah sent thousands of soldiers to support the Syrian government forces. Probably, Tehran spent billions of dollars to support Assad’s troops and regime.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the humanitarian break; this suggests that Moscow takes decisions before the Syrian authorities. Russia plays a key role in the Syrian civil war – it is air support that helps to deter insurgents and allows Syrian government troops to conquer new territories. Despite the humanitarian pause, Russia claims that it will continue to attack the forces of “jihadists”.