Russian Defense Giant Kalashnikov Unveils New Guided Missile For Combat Drones At ARMY-2021

Russian defense giant Kalashnikov, for the first time, presented a new S-8L guided-missile compatible with combat drones, the company’s deputy production general director, Andrey Semenov, said on Sunday.

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“Today, our group of companies is working together with the Strela Research and Production Enterprise to adapt the new S-8L guided missile with a helicopter-type unmanned aerial vehicle,” Semenov told reporters.

According to Semenov, the use of this missile can destroy both single and group mobile and stationary targets. The missile has a semi-active laser homing head, a high-explosive fragmentation warhead, a range of up to 6 kilometers (3.7 miles).

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It is also intended for use with helicopters and aircraft that previously used the unguided version of the C-8 missile. Another novelty unveiled at the ARMY-2021 forum was the KUB kamikaze drone by ZALA Aero (part of Kalashnikov).

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“On our own initiative, we began the development of a completely new modification of the KUB complex intended for sea-based deployment. The system installed on high-speed transport and landing ships and special-purpose boats significantly increases their combat capabilities,” Nikita Khamitov, the head of the company’s special projects, told reporters.

Kalashnikov also presented the PPK-20 submachine gun for the pilots of the Russian Aerospace Forces at the ARMY-2021 military forum, Denis Fesenko, the deputy general director of the concern for special projects, said on Sunday.

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“The PPK-20 has a telescopic stock for firing from the left and right shoulders, a collimator sight, a Picatinny rail, and an infrared beam,” Fesenko told reporters.

The gun has high export potential and will be of interest to special forces units.

The ARMY-2021 defense industry forum started on Sunday and will run through August 28 at the Patriot Congress and Exposition Center near Moscow, as well as at the Kubinka airfield and the Alabino training ground.

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