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Russian Jets ‘Knock Out’ Hundreds Of Drone At One Go As RuAF Claims Hitting UAV Storage Facility In Syria

The Russian Aerospace Forces’ airstrikes hit a storage facility for drones in Syria’s Idlib governorate on November 5, damaging hundreds of UAVs, reported state-owned TASS.

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“Russian aerospace forces delivered an airstrike on a depot with unmanned aerial vehicles near the settlement of Chiflik-Shogur in the Idlib governorate,” Vadim Kulit,  the Deputy Chief of the Russian Center for Reconciliation of Warring Parties (CPVS), said.

“The depot belonged to militants who were responsible for shelling attacks on the positions of Syrian government troops,” he was quoted as saying. 

He said terrorist organizations Jabhat al-Nusra and the Islamic Party of Turkestan, both banned by Russia, launched five separate attacks within the Idlib de-escalation zone in a single day. 

Of these attacks, two occurred in the Aleppo province, two occurred in Latakia, and the fifth targeted the Idlib region.

However, Russia has not disclosed any information about the extent of the damage, potential casualties, or the number of drones stored in the facility. 

Kulit also highlighted that within the last 24 hours, the representatives of the CPVS conducted a humanitarian initiative in Jebla village, located in the Latakia province. During this operation, residents were provided with food packages totaling 6.1 tons in weight.

Photo: Commons.wikimedia.org/ Ministry of Defense of Russia

In the past few days, Moscow has initiated a series of aerial bombardments targeting militant positions. On November 2, the Russian Aerospace Forces launched airstrikes targeting terrorists’ underground hideouts in Syria. 

Simultaneously, Moscow said that the representatives of the Center for the Armed Forces conducted a humanitarian mission in the village of Sukas in Latakia province, distributing 2.7 tons of food packages to the residents.

On November 1, Kulit reported that the Russian Aerospace Forces had struck a terrorist stronghold and an underground shelter in Idlib, specifically in the vicinity of Kansafra and Ain Shib settlements.

Back on October 31, the Central Military Forces announced that the Russian Aerospace Forces had conducted airstrikes on two subterranean positions and a storage facility used by militants in Syria, located near the settlements of Inkzik and Kansafra in the Idlib province. These strikes resulted in the elimination of up to 10 militants.

US Facilities In Iraq and Syria Targeted

Meanwhile, according to reports from the pan-Arabist Al Mayadeen TV channel, three military bases in Iraq and Syria that host US troops have been subjected to drone attacks. 

These attacks included at least two on the Ayn al-Asad base in Iraq’s Al Anbar Province and another on a facility linked to the US-led Western coalition in the Syrian border city of Al-Tanf. 

Additionally, sources indicated that Shia armed units associated with the Islamic Resistance in Iraq movement had shelled a base located north of the city of Erbil in Iraqi Kurdistan.

The report said that the perpetrators of these attacks remain unidentified, and there is no available information about their consequences.

Pentagon Press Secretary Patrick Ryder revealed on October 31 that a total of 27 attacks had occurred on US bases in the region since October 17, with 16 of them in Iraq and 11 in Syria. 

Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin called for an end to these attacks on US forces in the Middle East, suggesting they had support from Iran. He also reported that 21 troops had sustained minor injuries in these incidents.

In an unexpected visit on November 5, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken met with Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shia al-Sudani in Baghdad. 

File Image: Russian & US Fightes Over Syria

During their meeting, Blinken also urged the Iraqi Prime Minister to take action against those responsible for the ongoing attacks on US personnel in Iraq. 

He also emphasized the importance of Iraq fulfilling its commitments to safeguard all installations hosting US personnel, as per the invitation of the Iraqi government.

Before engaging in discussions with al-Sudani that lasted over an hour, Blinken was briefed on the security concerns surrounding US facilities at the US Embassy.

American military personnel stationed in Iraq and Syria have faced assaults by drones or rockets recently, coinciding with an increase in US forces being sent to the Middle East to reinforce efforts for regional deterrence. The attacks on US forces, occurring nearly every day, have been attributed by US officials to groups backed by Iran. 

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