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Russia Warns Neighbours Finland, Sweden Against Joining NATO

Russia has issued severe warnings to Sweden and Finland against their plans to join the NATO. The Defence Minister of Russia, Sergei Shoigu said that Russia will not shy away from taking countermeasures if Sweden and Finland join the western military alliance. Sergei Shoigu expressed concern over NATO’s plans to encircle Russia which will only lead to heightening tensions in the region,

As reported by PressTV, the Russian minister said that if Sweden and Finland end up joining the NATO then it would be against the precedent of global security. NATO at present is a 29 nations military alliance of American and European nations.

The Russian minister highlighted that a treaty signed in May enabled Finland and Sweden to participate in the NATO exercises and also gave the two nations the access to the command and control systems of NATO for their troops.

In response, NATO got an uninterrupted access to the airspace of the two nations and also the territorial waters. He said that such steps taken by the west will jeopardise the very abstract of global security and causes massive distrust. He further added that such measures undermining global security will push Russia to take actions in response.

The minister also seemed optimistic about the recent Trump-Putin summit in Helsinki and said that the meet could lead to a larger sense of military and security cooperation between Moscow and the US-led NATO.

In recent times NATO has intensified its operations near the western borders of Russia and this is making Moscow irritated. NATO also offered a formal invite to Macedonia to increase its reach in the Balkans and further cause troubles for Russia. Before these warnings issues to Sweden and Finland, Russia also threatened Georgia and Ukraine of dire consequences if at all they join the western military alliance.

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