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Russia and Sri Lanka Working on Defence Agreement in India’s Backyard

After China, now Russia plans on a defence agreement with Indian neighbour to the south, Sri Lanka. Russia intends to sign an inter-governmental agreement on defence cooperation with Sri Lanka. According to the Government of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Defense is instructed to “hold negotiations with Sri Lanka and sign an agreement on defence cooperation.”

The Russian draft document states that military cooperation between Russia and Sri Lanka will contribute to “strengthening peace and international security.”

It is believed that the interaction of the nations will be conducted in several directions, including “information exchange on military issues”, “development and training of troops, engineering training, military education, medicine, history, topography, hydrography, culture and sports, “the exchange of experience on issues of peacekeeping and cooperation in peacekeeping operations under the auspices of the United Nations.”

The draft agreement states that Russia and Sri Lanka will conduct “official visits of delegations of various levels,” “participate in military exercises or attend them as observers,” “working meetings of military experts,” training of military personnel,” ” visits of warships and defence aviation. ” It is also planned to cooperate “in search and rescue activities at sea,” “in activities to combat piracy.”

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