Russian Su-25 Pilot’s ‘Spectacular’ Landing Awes Netizens; Video Emerges After RuAF Bombed Ukrainian Positions

On December 10, the Russian Defense Ministry released a video showing Su-25 attack aircraft launching missiles at Ukrainian targets during its combat operations in Ukraine. 

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“Flying over the crowns of trees: the crew of the Su-25 inflicted missile air strikes on the armored vehicles of the Armed Forces of Ukraine,” the ministry said in a telegram post. 

The ministry further added that it is pretty challenging to maintain a low altitude at great speed, but the Russian pilots once more flew with coherence and professionalism. To fire under such circumstances is significantly more challenging.

After the strikes, the crews released heat traps and returned to the takeoff airfield, according to the explanation from the Ministry of Defense. The video demonstrates how a Su-25 attack aircraft operates on the battlefield. 

In the meantime, another video of the Russian Su-25 has also gone viral on the internet. As seen in the video, a Russian Su-25 aircraft’s landing gear failed, requiring the pilot to land safely by skidding the attack jet’s belly over the runway. 

The incident was recorded on a cellphone, and the video quickly went viral on social media. The precise site of the military plane’s landing is still unknown, however, the Z-marking on the aircraft indicates it may have participated in the Ukraine War. 

In the video, the Su-25 lands straight on the plane’s underbelly when the landing gear fails to deploy. The cause of the missing landing gear was unclear, but it was speculated that the jet had suffered a serious malfunction.

The two stop-parachutes can also be seen used by the Su-25, which are intended to slow the plane down. 

Meanwhile, the most recent intelligence report from the UK Ministry of Defense said Iran would increase its support for Russia in exchange for ‘unprecedented’ military access. 

Moscow would allegedly provide Tehran with “unprecedented” levels of military assistance in exchange for supplies, according to the MoD.

Russia is attempting to buy hundreds of ballistic missiles from the Iranian government. The ministry stated that it was likely that Russia had exhausted a significant amount of its supply of Iskander short-range ballistic missiles.

Ukrainian Su-25
File Photo: Ukrainian AirForce-Su-25

Su-25 In Ukraine Conflict

Throughout Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the Su-25 jet has frequently appeared on the battlefield. Air Forces fly their Su-25 aircraft close to the ground to avoid being caught by the enemy’s radar systems.

However, the Su-25s’ proximity to the ground has resulted in several of them being shot down by air defense systems. Ukraine has shot down several Soviet-era aircraft.

According to Oryx’s military tracking website, Russia has lost 23 Su-25s since the invasion started. On the other hand, 15 Ukrainian Su-25s have been downed by Russia.

The Su-25 has a maximum speed of 950 km/h, a fighting radius of 375 km, and a range of 750 km. The aircraft can climb at 58 meters per second and has a service ceiling of 7000 meters. The Su-25 can carry cluster bombs, incendiary weapons weighing 500 kg, and laser-guided bombs weighing 350 kg to 670 kg.

Sukhoi Su-25 – Wikipedia

Ukrainian forces have enforced an air denial strategy by placing air defenses and anti-aircraft weapons that have deterred Russian fighters. Using MANPADS, the Ukrainian soldiers downed several Russian military aircraft flying at low altitudes.

The aging Su-24, Su-25, Su-27, and MiG-29 aircraft make up most of Ukraine’s air force, which is far less capable than the Russian military. Russian Air Force has often deployed its best fighters, including MiG-31, Su-35, and Su-30s, to hunt Ukraine’s fighter jets.