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Russia Offers Full-Assistance To Sri-Lanka After Deadly Colombo Attacks

Colombo attacks have killed about 207 people which is termed as one of the deadliest attacks on Sri-Lanka. Russia has offered all necessary assistance to Sri Lanka following the Colombo blasts, a senior Russian lawmaker said on Sunday.

“I am sure that once we have such a request, the Russian side will offer all necessary assistance to expose the criminals and help those injured,” Leonid Slutsky, chairman of the international committee at Russia’s State Duma lower parliament house, wrote on his Telegram account.

“Terrorism has no religion, no nationality,” he stressed and extended his condolences of the situation.

A series of eight explosions in the island country during Easter celebrations on Sunday targeted churches, hotels and also an area close to the capital’s zoo and near Dematagoda, Colombo’s suburb. Most of the terror attacks were committed in the capital city of Colombo. As many as 215 people were reported to be killed and about 500 more were injured. No extremist group has claimed responsibility for the attacks.

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