Will Japan and Russia Finally Sign A Peace Pact Over Kuril Islands?

Will Japan-Russia relations finally sign a peace treaty over Kuril Islands? Japanese Prime Minister reiterated Japan’s willingness to settle Japan-Russia territorial disputes and vouch for a better cooperation between the two nations. The claims on Southern Kuril Islands have been the main stumbling point between Japan and Russia hence triggering territorial disputes between the two nations.

Willing To Settle Disputes: Japanese PM

During a meeting with former residents of the Kuril islands, Shinzo Abe reiterated that Japan is more than willing to solve territorial disputes with Russia. Russia and Japan have wanted to sign a peace treaty since the middle of the last century. But plans to sign this peace treaty often failed as disputes over Southern Kuril islands hindered the peace process between the two nations.

Shinzo Abe stated that he is willing to continue an intense and active negotiation process with Moscow to settle the disputes between the two nations. The Kuril Islands are called the Northern Territories by Japan. People present at the meeting urged the Prime Minister to make sure that the former residents of the Kurils can visit the four northern islands hassle free.

What is the dispute over the Southern Kuril Islands?

After the second world war in 1945, the Kuril Islands were incorporated in the Soviet Union which later dissolved. The Soviet Union which was formed in 1922 was dissolved in 1991. But Japan still claims its right over Iturup, Kunashir, Habomai and Shikotan islands hence waging a dispute between Russia and Japan.

In 1956 the two nations signed a declaration to put an end to the war but a peace treaty between the two has yet not been signed. Since then Russia has reiterated several times that its claims over the Kurlin Islands are beyond being questionable. Will Shinzo Abe and Vladimir Putin finally remove the stumbling blocks and sign a peace treaty?

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