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Netanyahu To Meet Putin To Discuss Russia-Israel Relations

On his brief official visit to Russia, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu is expected to attend a meeting held by the Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday to discuss Russia-Israel Relations.

A Russian daily reported that the two world leaders will be discussing a host of agendas revolving around the Russia-Israel relations in different spheres, the Middle East concerns, and the Syrian situation. The meeting is expected to be held at the JMTC (Jewish Museum and Tolerance Centre). Netanyahu and Putin will be participating at the Centre to mark the memory of Holocaust victims and Leningrad’s liberation anniversary. The final and most important agenda for the two leaders is the opening of ‘Sobibor: Those Who Defeated Death’, an exhibition dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the uprising of prisoners’ at the Sobibor concentration camp.

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Russia-Israel Relations On Agenda

During an Israeli Cabinet meeting on Sunday, Netanyahu said he would be discussing the Middle East and the coordination between Russia-Israel with the Russian President on Monday. He added that the agendas for discussion included matters that were important to the national security of Israel. While Israel has always maintained that it has no role to play in supporting any party involved in the Syrian conflict, there was de-confliction system set up by Russia and Israel in 2015.

The Russian daily further added that Netanyahu is also likely to bring up Iran’s nuclear deal during the discussions with Putin. Netanyahu had previously discussed the same with US President Donald Trump in Davos during the World Economic Forum on Jan 25.

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Russia-Israel Leaders Continue With Intense Meetings

The previous meeting to discuss the Russia-Israel relations between Putin and Netanyahu was held on Aug 23, 2017, at Sochi. Following the meeting Netanyahu had confirmed that Israel’s security is benefitted by the Putin’s approach. The upcoming meeting for Monday between Putin and Netanyahu was previously discussed over a telephonic conversation on New Year’s day.

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