Russia, India To Hold Talks On Joint Production Of Military Equipment

Russia and India will meet at the Aero India Show 2019 scheduled to be held in Bangalore next week. Russia and India will discuss the joint production of military equipment said an official of Russian state conglomerate Rostec.

Vietnam To Become 1st Country To Get Russian SU-57 5th Generation Fighter Jets


Viktor Kladov, Rostec’s director for international cooperation and regional policy, in an interview with the news agency, informed that Russia expects to clarify the last technical issues of the project to produce Russian Ka-226T helicopters in India.

“This year we expect to sign a contract with India,” Kladov added.

A joint venture between Indo-Russian Helicopters Limited was registered in India on May 20. It will be located near Bangalore. “India is also demonstrating a serious interest in Russia’s fifth-generation Su-57 fighter”, Kladov said.

Kladov emphasised saying, “However, it is not clear how much Su-57 fits into the general concept of the combat use of the Indian Air Force, and therefore, India may opt for a substantial increase in the output of Su-30MKI jets produced in India under a Russian license.”

In relation to Russia-India active participation in a project to produce the well-known Kalashnikov assault rifles in India, Kladov said: “Russia is willing to participate in the construction of India’s non-nuclear submarines”.

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