Russia Confirms Testing State-Of-Art T-14 Armata Tanks In Syria

Russian state-of-art, latest T-14 Armata Tanks on the heavy tracked vehicle platform was tested in Syria. This was confirmed by the Russian Minister of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov and reported by Tass.

T-14 Armata tank Anton Novoderzhkin/TASS
T-14 Armata Tank

“Yes, that’s right. The Armata tanks were used in Syria,” Manturovconfirmed in an interview with the Deistvuyushchiye Litsa (Political Actors)  on the Rossiya-1 TV channel replying to a question.  “They were used in field conditions, in Syria, so, we took into account all the nuances.”

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Alexander Potapov, CEO of Uravagonzavod, the Armata tank’s developer and manufacturer said in an interview with the Vedomosti daily on February 3 that first batches of Aramata tanks would be supplied to the Russian army in 2020 for field trials.

T-14 Armata Tank: Russia Ready To Test World’s Most Advance Tank

The Armata Tank, a mean fighting machine, was unveiled for the very first time in Red Square’s Victory Day parade on May 9, 2015, in Moscow. The Armata Tank boasts of a highly computer integrated equipment, an unmanned turret, and an independent armor capsule; making it an effective combat vehicle.

T-14 Armata Tank: Russia Ready To Test World’s Most Advance Tank

It has highly efficient combat attributes, making it one of the most significant war tanks being developed. It is a 6th technological generation combat tank, which points at the highly advanced use of science and engineering that has gone into its creation. The new T-14 Armata tanks are expected to be delivered to the Russian troops from 2021.

The Armata Tanks are equipped with Active protection systems (APS) which is set to pose a massive problem for a whole generation of anti-armour weapons including the Javelin guided missile.

APS takes a whole new approach. It is essentially an anti-missile system for tanks, with radars capable of tracking the incoming anti-tank missile, and projectiles that are launched to disrupt or destroy it.