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Russia, China Developing Space Weapons: US

Russia and China are developing and testing weapons that can be used from the ground against objects in space. This statement was made by the head of Strategic Command of the US Armed Forces, General John Hyten during a conference at the Presidential Library of Ronald Reagan in the State of California.

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“Our adversaries have been following us since the First World War, because of our capabilities. In particular, China and Russia have been monitoring us for the past 20 years about what we are doing and developing especially in certain areas. They have openly developed weapons, tested it, in order to use it from the ground in space, “he said.
US, India, Japan, Australia Join Hands to Counter China?

According to the General Hyten, we are talking about armaments, which “interfere with communications, and laser weapons.” “They developed these weapons to challenge the US and its allies in order to defy the existing balance of power, we can not allow this,” added General Hyten.

Russia, US to Work with BRICS for International Moon Station

At the end of September, Russia and China presented an updated draft treaty at the BRICS summit on the prevention of the deployment of weapons in outer space and the use or threat of use of force against space objects. In addition, the leaders of the BRICS countries note the initiative to adopt a political commitment to not place the first weapons in space, the declaration said.

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