-Russia Announces Serial Production Of T-14 Armata Main Battle Tanks

Russian Defence Minister has announced the serial production of the T-14 Armata main battle tank (MBT) and for the T-15 tracked armored IFV (Infantry Fighting Vehicle).

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The T-14 Armata is a next-generation Russian main battle tank (MBT) that is based on the Armata Universal Combat Platform—the first series-produced next-generation tank.

It is part of the Armata’s heavily tracked standardized platform, which serves as the basis to develop the main battle tank, an infantry fighting vehicle, an armored personnel carrier, and other armored vehicles.

First demonstrated during the Victory Day Parade in Moscow back in May 2015, the tank has fully digitized equipment, an unmanned turret, and an isolated armored capsule for the crew.

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T-14 Armata tank

The Armata tanks would be Russia’s answer to the US’ M1 Abrams third-generation battle tanks which destroyed 37 of the Soviet-designed T-72s during the 1991 Gulf War.

According to reports, the serial production of the T-14 Armata Main Battle Tank (MBT) will begin before the completion of all the trials so as to speed up their delivery to the Russian armed forces.

A similar process will be followed for the T-15 tracked Armoured Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV). In a statement released on Wednesday (December 30), Russian Defense Minister Krivoruchko said:

“In order to shorten the timeframe for deliveries of the prospective weapons to the troops, the launch of their products will be carried out before the trials are completed, as soon as it is confirmed that they have the specified characteristics and after they are tested under simulated combat conditions.”

Based on the Armata tracked platform, the T-15 IFV is the latest generation of Infantry Fighting Vehicle built by the Russian defense company KBP. The vehicle is fitted with an unmanned turret located at the rear of the vehicle.

The turret is armed with one 30mm 2A42 automatic cannon, with the vehicles’ second armament including a PKTM 7,62mm machine gun and two anti-tank guided missile Kornet-D launchers mounted on each side of the turret.

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