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Russia Again Call US’ Defence Systems Useless; Incapable Of Intercepting Cruise Missiles

Russia has again takes a pot-shot at the US and its missile defence systems. The chief of the Russian National Centre for Nuclear Risk Reduction – Sergei Ryzhkov said that the US will have to spend ‘hundreds of billions of dollars’ to make their existing missile defence systems capable of intercepting hypersonic missiles.

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“In the conditions when hypersonic missile systems appear, the US defence industry will need additional hundreds of billions of dollars to upgrade its existing missile shield to the acceptable degree of efficiency,” Ryzhkov said, adding that this is exactly what the US defence industry wants.

Earlier last year as EurAsian Times reported, Russian President Vladimir Putin proposed to assist Saudi Arabia to safeguard its oil infrastructure by selling Russian-made air defence systems to Riyadh.

Putin’s remark came after U.S. officials said that Iran is likely to blame for missile attacks on two crucial Saudi oil processing facilities where American air defence systems were deployed.

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Putin’s remarks were more directed towards the US than at Saudi Arabia while Iranian top ministers including Javad Zarif appeared to mock the failure of US defence systems.

“We are ready to help Saudi Arabia to protect their people,” Putin said.

“And they need to make one clever decision as Iran did, buying our S-300, and as Erdoğan did by deciding to buy the most advanced S-400 Triumph air defence systems from Russia,” Putin continued. “These kinds of systems are capable of defending any kind of infrastructure in Saudi Arabia from any kind of attack.”

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