Rohingya Crisis: Myanmar Govt. Luring People to Inhabit the Abandoned Rohingya Land

The Rohingya Crisis seems to have gained momentum again. The Authorities of Myanmar are carrying out the task of luring the people to move in the abandoned Northern Rakhine State. The Muslim-majority Rohingya people fled and abandoned the Rakhine State, that has now become home to around fifty families from remote areas of Myanmar. But why are the authorities luring people into the Rohingya land and how will this Rohingya Crisis end?

Buddhists, Christians and the tribal families are being lured with free land and food, to inhabit the former Rohingya land, by the Myanmar authorities. Around 50 families have already made the Rakhine State their new home, coming from distant areas, lured by food and land. The military crackdown that led to the fleeing of the Rohingyas from the Rakhine state is still a burning issue, but authorities are working towards rebuilding the land.

Fight Against Islam on Rohingya Land

The former Rohingya land is a strategic frontline location in what Myanmar calls the ‘Fight against Islam’. Thus, government, the military and private projects are being run to rebuild and rehabilitate the abandoned land. The authorities have taken up the project to construct a society in the Rakhine state, with most of the Rohingya population having fled.

India to Develop Energy Network in the Rakhine State of Myanmar

The Marma and Mro tribes from the Bandarban Hill Region have left their former home and moving to the Rohingya land, lured by the promises of free food for 5 years besides free land and citizenship, by the Myanmar authorities. These tribal families mainly consist of Buddhists and some Christians. These poor tribal families are being lured and wooed in exchange for a ‘better life’ and some also have extended family in the Rakhine state, who are being used as tools to lure the people.

The Rohingya Issue Continues to Burn

The military crackdown in Myanmar led to approximately 700,000 Rohingyas fleeing from the Rakhine State to Muslim Bangladesh camps. This devastating issue has been described as ‘Ethnic Cleansing’ by the officials in the US and UN.

Understanding the Burning Rohingya Issue and the Impact on India and China

After the issuing of a repatriate agreement, the Rohingya leaders have stated that they shall not return unless they are allowed back in their former homes and villages, most of which have been burnt down by the military forces. Not a single refugee has returned following the agreement.

Reports of Buddhists dying in the mine blasts, while attempting to cross over to Myanmar have also surfaced. Some officials believe these are all politically motivated strategies by Myanmar to portray Bangladesh as anti-Buddhists.

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