Replace NATO with Pan European Army With Russian Support

Can NATO be replaced by Pan European Army? NATO alliance should be over. This opinion was expressed by the deputy of the Bundestag Alexander Noah from the German left party, commenting on the idea of French president Macron to create a “pan-European army .”

“From the point of view of the left movement, the creation of a pan-European army is absolutely necessary,” Noah was quoted as saying. – Such a structure will make Europe much safer. The deputy also believes that if they create a system of collective security in Europe, then Russia should also be involved in it, replacing the US.

Earlier, German Chancellor Angela Merkel joined French President Emmanuel Macron in calling for a European army Tuesday, emphasising that such a military would be a complement to NATO, not stand in opposition to it.

Merkel has expressed such sentiment before, says the New York Times. Tuesday’s speech was notable, however, in that it came just hours after aggressive comments by U.S. President Donald Trump, who launched a tirade against France via Twitter Tuesday morning.

The MP stands for defusing military tension on the eastern edge of Europe, and the first step for this, according to Noah, is the resumption of the work of the Russia-NATO Council. Responding to a radio journalist that the NATO-Russia Council was suspended because of the “Russian annexation of the Crimea,” the German parliamentarian retorted:

“The conflict between (Russia with NATO) did not start from the Crimea, but at least a week earlier – with a coup in Kiev, where the Yanukovych regime was overthrown with the participation of Western states, including the German foreign minister. The Crimean issue came later”

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