RAW or ISI – Who is Behind the Killing of Kashmiri Journalist Shujaat Bukhari?

RAW or ISI – Who is Behind the Killing of Shujaat Bukhari? Bukhari, the editor in chief of Rising Kashmir was shot dead in broad daylight. The netizens started to debate on RAW vs ISI, and which agency was behind the assassination. On the very same day came the first-ever report by the UN came out on Kashmir.

The report highlighted the large magnitude of human rights violations in Kashmir. Shujaat Bukhari too shared the report on his Twitter handle and urged for an end to the human rights violations in Kashmir. He was shot dead within hours! Is this a mere coincidence, questioned Pakistan?

RAW vs ISI: The UN Report on Kashmir

As EurAsian Times reported, the UN report lashed out at both India and Pakistan for the large scale of human rights violations in Kashmir. India was quick to express its denial to the report and called is motivated and false.

Clearly, the UN report on Kashmir irked both India and Pakistan. Shujaat Bukhari was a prominent voice in Kashmir and a voice that mattered. He was an intrepid journalist and stood for peace in Kashmir. His campaign for peace often highlighted the human rights violations in Kashmir and so did the UN report.

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So, could this assassination have been motivated by either ISI or RAW as netizens claims? India is blaming Pakistan and the ISI for the assassination. On the other hand, the foreign office of Pakistan pointed fingers at India. Pakistan officials highlighted how Shujaat Bukhari was shot dead in no time after his Tweet on the UN report on Kashmir. Like always both the nations are spewing venom against each other.

It seems hard to believe that it was just a mere coincidence. We don’t know if it was ISI, RAW or some other anti-social elements but apparently, this killing has something to do with the report. This is not just an assault on particular journalist but rather the entire abstract of journalism. Now if this killing was not a mere coincidence and motivated by any means then it speaks for a very dangerous scenario we are dwelling in.

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He was the voice of Kashmir and he was brutally murdered for supporting the essence of Kashmir. The RAW or the IB might not have killed him, we are not asserting anything but then the RAW and the IB clearly failed to save his life.

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