Is Rafael Nadal Planning to Quit Professional Tennis?

Rafael Nadal just won his 11th French Open title last week. The top-ranked tennis star might quit tennis to explore a career in racing. Isn’t that surprising? Well, this is exactly what the retirement plans of Rafael Nadal look like. After serving a career in professional tennis for 17 years, why is the Spanish prodigy interested in racing? 

Rafael Nadal is famously known as the ‘King of clay’ and this king was recently spotted at Le Mans 24. The tennis star said that he wouldn’t mind giving racing a try after he decides to terminate his illustrious tennis career. On the sidelines of Le Mans 24, he said in an interview that he wants to try endurance racing even though he is bad at it and would be pretty slow.

Rafael Nadal: The Tennis Record Book 

17 grand slam titles, 32 ATP World Tour Masters 1000 titles, 20 ATP World Tour Masters 500 titles speak for legacy. A gold medal in the 2008 Olympics forms the perfect silver lining to his career. To add to this, Rafael Nadal has 11 French Open titles, 2 Wimbledon Titles, 3 Titles in the US Open and 1 Australian Open title. He holds a total of 79 titles (single) to his name. How can we then imagine his exit from tennis on account of exploring some other sport? That would be so heartbreaking for tennis fans!

The game of tennis would always remember him as a legend. In the history of the game, the name of Rafael Nadal would always shine in golden letters. No matter his retirement comes sooner or later, it would surely break innumerable hearts.

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