Former Yemen President Ali Abdullah Saleh Killed by Houthi Rebels

Former Yemen President Ali Abdullah Saleh was killed as a result of an attack by Houthis rebels. The death of President Ali Abdullah Saleh was reported by the television channel Al Arabiya referring to the representative of the party  (the General People’s Congress), which he headed. The Ministry of Internal Affairs, under the control of the Houthis Rebels (Shiite movement Ansar Allah), has already confirmed this information.

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The Yemeni portal Aden Al-Ghad published photos of the murdered former leader of the country. In the photographs, one can see a man resembling Saleh, with a fatal wound to the head. According to the publication, he could be killed after he surrendered to the Houthis. Iranian agency Fars, in turn, posted a videotape, which shows how the Houthis transported the body of  Ali Abdullah Saleh to the car. The clothes of a man (believed to be Saleh) are soaked in blood, and wrapped in a blanket.

A source in the VNK noted that the former president of Yemen was killed in the town of Sanhan, located in the southeast of the capital. There was Saleh’s residence, which was blown up. In this case, according to the source, Saleh was shot by a sniper, and “was not killed as a result of the explosion.”

Local TV channels also reported that Saleh’s son was wounded and taken prisoner.

The clashes between Houthis and supporters Saleh continue in the capital of Yemen Sana’a since November 29. On Monday, the Houthis said they regained control of the Yemeni capital after an armed attack against them by the ex-president of the republic. The day before Saleh announced the termination of allied relations with the Houthis, in response, the leader of “Ansar Allah” Abdul Malek al-Husi called the actions of the former president “reckless and suspicious”. But the ex-head of the republic was supported by the Arabian coalition, declaring “solidarity with the Yemeni people who rebelled against the core of pro-Iranian militias” (Houthis).

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August 21, 2016 in an interview with VGTRK and Yemen Today television channel, Ali Abdullah Saleh said that Russia in Yemen has all the infrastructure. He spoke about the possible restoration of the old agreements in operation between Yemen and the USSR, and also offered Russia “all the necessary infrastructure” of the Yemeni bases, ports, and airfields.