Police of Denmark: the submarine with the missing journalist was flooded deliberately

The submarine Nautilus, on board which was the missing Swedish journalist Kim Wall, was deliberately flooded, the Danish police said. The day before, on suspicion of manslaughter , the creator of the submarine Peter Madsen was detained , who was also on the submarine, but was able to escape. The police did not specify why they came to the conclusion that the Nautilus was sent to the bottom deliberately. Nevertheless, this version is at variance with Madsen’s words, which explained the incident a technical error.

Earlier, the inventor stated that the submarine sank after a small problem in the ballast tank led to a major accident.”Nautilus” sank in 30 seconds, I could not close the hatches, I could not do anything at all, “he said on the eve. Madsen also said that he landed Kim Wall from a submarine on an island in the vicinity of Copenhagen before it sank. Nevertheless, according to the police, now he changed his testimony. How exactly, the guards did not specify.

Sunken at the bottom of the bay of Keg in the south of Copenhagen. “Nautilus” was raised to the surface, but the bodies on its board were not found. The operation to find Wall continues. Now the police are attracting witnesses who could see the journalist on Thursday evening, August 10, to investigate.”We still hope that we find Kim Wall alive, but we are preparing ourselves to the fact that she may already be dead,” said Jens Moller, head of the investigation department of the Copenhagen police murders.

Mysterious disappearance

Kim Wall is 30 years old, she worked as a freelance journalist in New York and wrote for the New York Times, Guardian and Vice Magazine. The journalist worked on the material about Peter Madsen and Nautilus, which at some time was considered the largest private submarine in the world. The submarine was built in 2008. Madsen collected money for its creation with the help of crowd finding. On the disappearance of Wall in the morning of Friday, August 11, said her friend. It was assumed that the journey of Wall on the Nautilus would be a rather short trip.

Madsen after the rescue was arrested by the decision of the court of Copenhagen. He stated that he was not involved in the alleged death of Wall. The inventor will remain under arrest for 24 days while the investigation continues.