PM Benjamin Netanyahu Thanks Trump For Iran Sanctions

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu thanked US President Donald Trump for imposing sanctions against Tehran. The corresponding statement was distributed on Saturday by the Israeli Prime Minister’s office.

“For many years, I called for the full restoration of sanctions against the murderous terrorist regime of Iran, which threatens the whole world,” Netanyahu said. “Thank you, President Trump, for the historic step.” 

Also, the Israeli Prime Minister said that the first effects of the sanctions are already felt due to the fact that the Iranian economy “is in a state of depression.”

On May 8, US President Donald Trump announced his withdrawal from the agreement on the Iranian nuclear deal and promised to introduce new sanctions against this country. 

The first part of the US sanctions commenced on the night of August 7, which covered the automotive sector of Iran, the purchase and sale of gold and a number of metals. The remaining sanctions will take effect after 4 November. At the same time, the United States regularly expands the sanctions list of foreign companies that continue to cooperate with Iran.

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