PLAN’s Deadly Plan! China To Continue Naval Drills In Yellow Sea For One Month – Chinese Authorities

China will continue to conduct military drills in various areas along its coast after large-scale exercises in the Taiwan Strait, closing part of ​the Bohai Gulf in the northwestern part of the Yellow Sea for one month, the China Maritime Safety Administration (MSA) said on Monday.

“From 00:00 on August 8 [16:00 GMT, August 7] to 24:00 on September 8 [16:00 GMT, September 7], military missions will be carried out in part of the Bohai Sea; entry [to the area] is prohibited,” the MSA office in Dalian in the northeastern province of Liaoning said in a statement.

Naval and air drills near Taiwan will continue as well on Monday and focus on “practicing joint anti-submarine and maritime amphibious operations,” the Chinese army’s Eastern Theater Command said on WeChat.

China-missile boat
PLA Navy’s fast attack missile boats during an exercise in the East China Sea on February 22, 2022.

On Saturday, the MSA office of the Lianyungang city district in the province of Jiangsu said that the  Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) would conduct military exercises with live fire in the southern part of the Yellow Sea from August 6-15.

The PLA organized large-scale military drills deploying missiles, aircraft, and warships in response to US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan last week. The exercises started on August 4 in six water areas around the island and were supposed to end on August 7.

Meanwhile, the People’s Liberation Army of China (PLA) will continue drills in the waters and airspace around Taiwan, the PLA’s Eastern Theater Command said in a statement.

“On August 8, the Eastern Theater Command will continue to conduct joint exercises in the waters and airspace around Taiwan,” the statement said.

Anti-submarine drills and offensive ops at sea will be rehearsed. The PLA’s Eastern Theater Command has extended the exercises around Taiwan for the second day consecutively.