Muslims will Dominate Europe by 2025: Pew Research Center

Depending on the pace of immigration, the number of Muslims living in France by 2025 will increase from 12% to 18%. This was reported the agency France-Presse with reference to the data of the American Pew Research Center.

This institution examined three possible scenarios in Europe. The first forecast assumes an increase in the number of Muslims on the territory of the EU under the so-called “zero immigration”, the second – while maintaining exclusively legal immigration, the third – with a large flow including illegal migrants, which was marked in Europe in 2014-16.

According to the American Pew Research Center, last year in France the number of Muslims was estimated at 5.7 million people (8.8% of the population). With “zero immigration”, their number will increase to 8.6 million people in eight years, in the second case, growth will be 17.4% to 12.6 million people, in the third – by 18% to 13.2 million.

The study covered 28 member countries of the European Union, as well as Norway and Switzerland. Pew Research Center experts believe that according to the third scenario, the number of Muslims in Europe by 2025 may reach 14%, which is almost three times more than current indicators.