Pakistan’s ISI Planning To Instigate Civil War in Kashmir To Internationalise Kashmir Issue

After the abrogation of Article 370 and Article 35 A from Jammu and Kashmir, there are reports of Pakistan’s plans to instigate violence in Kashmir. The ISI (Pakistani Spy Agency) is planning to infiltrate Pakistani nationals across the LoC to trigger a bloodbath in Kashmir and draw global attention.

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The plan is to destabilise the peace in the valley and garner international attention on Kashmir issue citing large scale human rights violations by the Indian forces on unarmed protesters. As per media reports, a team of ISI was in Balochistan last week to recruit Pakistani nationals for this anti-India mission.

A desperate Pakistan trying all tricks?

After finding little international support against India’s decisions pertaining to Kashmir, violence and war are the only two options for Pakistan to settle its ego and frustration. Having been placed in extended blacklisted by the FATF, war as an option is not something Pakistan will be looking at, but as always Pakistan will be willing to enhance its militant movement in Kashmir according to Indian defence experts.

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Various intelligence reports have suggested that Pakistan through terror groups like JeM and LeT are planning attacks through land and sea route. Now this intent of the ISI is to actually start a civil war in Kashmir by making Pakistan nationals intrude is its latest bid to bring the focus of the international community back to Kashmir. Pakistan is desperate to internationalise the Kashmir issue.

Sources state that the actual plan of the ISI could be to let the world know how these unarmed men crossing over from Pakistan-controlled Kashmir with pro-Kashmir slogans are shot by the Indian Army and security forces manning the LoC.

Pakistan believes this trick should bring Kashmir to the centre stage of international attention. As far as Pakistan’s allies are concerned, it was only China and Turkey which came in Pakistan’s support to oppose the change in the constitutional position of Kashmir.