Pakistan’s Heavy Industries Taxila (HIT) Rejects Ukrainian Infantry Fighting Vehicle

Pakistan’s largest armour manufacturer Heavy Industries Taxila (HIT) has decided against going ahead with Ukrainian remote-controlled combat modules when opting for an armament for its new infantry fighting vehicle Viper. Pakistan decision was stated by a key source in HIT told the Russian Media.

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Heavy Industries Taxila is presently working on the new Viper infantry fighting vehicle which will replace the outdated M113 armoured personnel carrier. The Ukrainian BM-7 Parus combat module was considered as the basic version of its armament,” the source stated.

“However, the conclusion was made to discard it due to the weak reliability of the basic armament, the 30mm gun, its low turning speed and the short service life. The Slovakian Turra 30 module furnished with similar armament but characterized by its compliance with the requirements of the Pakistani army has been chosen for the Viper,” the source said.

HIT held comprehensive trials of the Ukrainian Parus module before rejecting it, the source said. “The BM-7 remote-controlled combat module has failed to meet the requirements of the Pakistani army both by its quality and its price,” the source said.

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