Pakistani BAT Commandos Bleeding Indian Border Security Forces

The undeclared India-Pakistan War has claimed four lives of the Indian Border Security Forces (BSF). Many experts blame the Pakistani BAT Commandos for the heavy casualty that Indian forces have been suffering at the India-Pakistan Border. Despite heavy retaliation by the Indian the BSF, the casualties inflicted on the Indian side remain higher. As per secondary research conducted by EurAsian Times, the latest casualties take the overall number of those killed in ceasefire violation along the India-Pakistan border in Jammu and Kashmir to 50.  

It was only recently that the South Asian nations pledged to a enhance cross-border cooperation. However, 4 Indian soldiers have been martyred in ceasefire violations by Pakistan which came after the promises of peace. The biggest question that disturbs the Indian audience is that why are the casualties on the Indian side higher than Pakistan, despite having a much bigger army and latest imported weaponry?

Undeclared India-Pakistan War

As reported by EurAsian Times earlier, two Indian soldiers were gunned down in ceasefire violations by Pakistan in the Sunderbani area along the LOC on On April 10. Not just the Indian armed forces but Pakistan has also been engaging the Indian villages along the LOC with mortars and gunshots. Ceasefire violations by Pakistan can be seen as a cover to the insurgents, as per the Indian media.

It was only last month that both the armed forces on both sides decided to grace the 2003 ceasefire pact. The spirit, however, died within a few days and both nations are back to blaming each other for lethal cross-border attacks. This tug of war between the two armies incessantly hampers India-Pakistan diplomatic ties.

Why India Endures More Casualties than Pakistan?

The 4 BSF soldiers martyred in Chambliyal sector were allegedly gunned down by BAT snipers. The BSF casualties this year along the Jammu and Kashmir border have been the highest. 11 BSF personnel have been martyred while 37 took serious injuries. As much as 320 firing incidents have been reported this year. Of course, India retaliates heavily, but Pakistan media has always blamed Indian BSF for targetting the innocent civilians and indirectly jibed at failing to compete with Pakistan army.

Pakistan’s Border Action Team (BAT)

Pakistan’s Border Action Team often abbreviated as the BAT is seen in India a barbaric force. This is the same brutal team that was behind the mutilation of Indian soldiers. The BAT is anticipated to consist of small teams of Pakistan SSG commandos and highly trained rebels. They are trained in Guerilla and jungle warfare and operate in small teams with the aim to inflict maximum damage on the Indian border guards by catching them off-guard. The BAT was created to give an unprecedented power to the Pakistan Army with the clear aim of dominating the LoC.

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