Pakistani Author Questions Why There Are No Dalits, Muslims In The Indian Indian Intelligence Bureau (IB)?

EurAsian Times stumbled upon another conspiracy theory published in Pakistan media on 26/11 Mumbai attacks. The author also talks about the Indian Intelligence Bureau (IB), Hindu-Rashtra (Hindi Nation) and how India needs to clean-up their IB and Army which is being dominated by Brahmins. 

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Indian has failed in its efforts to get Pakistan declared as a state that sponsors terrorism; on the other hand, it stands exposed for its false flag operations against its own people with a view to blaming Pakistan.

German author Elias Davidsson associated with Global Research authored a book on the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks titled ‘The Betrayal of India: Revisiting the 26/11 Evidence’ published by Pharos New Delhi. According to his investigation, India, the US and Israel were behind the Mumbai attacks.

The author wrote: “On the basis of Indian narrative how easy it was to get a bonanza of funds and equipment for the Mumbai police. Declaring the event as an act of war for India’s armed forces was meant to get an immediate 21 per cent hike in military spending with promises of continuing increases in subsequent years”.

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There were many holes in the Indians’ version, as they kept mum on the issue of local connection with the external perpetrators of Mumbai mayhem. There was a strong perception that it was a stage-managed act by India to stall the composite dialogue, as Hemant Karkare and two of his senior team members were also killed mysteriously.

Hemant Karkare was the man who had busted an Indian terrorist network comprising Hindu fanatics and military officers, both serving and retired, which showed the presence of Hindu extremists and fanatics in the police, army and agencies. Mumbai attack case had been expedited because in this case, India had malicious intent to propagate against Pakistan, whereas in case of Samjhauta Express blast case Hindu extremists were involved it was delayed.

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In March 2019 the special court acquitted Swami Aseemanand, Kamal Chauhan, Rajinder Chaudhary and Lokesh Sharma who were charged by the NIA. One of the accused, Lt Col Shrikant Prasad Purohit, an Indian Military Intelligence officer had confessed during investigation of Malegaon mayhem for having supplied explosives for the Samjhauta Express blast also. Next is the case of IPS officer Hemant Karkare who was Chief of the Mumbai Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS).

A series of bomb blasts had taken place in Malegaon, Maharashtra on 08 September 2006, Samjhauta Express in February 2007 and Modasa, Gujarat and Malegaon on 29 September 2008. Hemant Karkare had led the investigation. In late October 2008 ATS arrested eleven suspects, all Hindus, including a former ABVP student leader Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur, Swami Amritananda alias Dayanand Pandey, a retired Major Ramesh Upadhyay and a serving Army officer Lt. Col. Prasad Shrikant Purohit. The accused belonged to Abhinav Bharat with links to Sangh Parivar. Karkare’s ATS had identified Hindutva organisations responsible for terrorism in India.

S M Mushrif an ex-IGP of Maharashtra and the author of famous book ‘Who Killed Karkare’, addressing a seminar on ‘Dahashat gardi aur Musalman’ organised by Muslim Numainda Council Aurangabad on 26 January 2018, disclosed that Col. Purohit talked about his ideas and ideology during investigation by Karkare. Col. Purohit believed that current Indian Constitution was to be annulled and this nation should be broken to erect the Hindu Rashtra.

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Purohit also disclosed that they had planned to train 40 officers and 200 Jawans in Nepal and a few officers in Israel to make a core group. He was also in contact with Mohan Bhagwat, the Chief of RSS. Col Purohit also acknowledged that a lot of RSS cadres had become officers in the Indian Army and other services and would help in erecting the Hindu Rashtra. Karkare was put under a lot of pressure in 2008 while investigating the case of Samjhauta Express.

As per ex-IGP Mushrif, the Indian Intelligence Bureau (IB) is completely under the control of Brahmins; actually IB is more Brahmanic than RSS and BJP. In order to stop investigation on Samjhauta Express case, Hemant Karkare was killed by IB in a false flag operation during the Mumbai Attacks. Mushrif believes that false narrative by intelligence agencies and media has been deliberately built against Muslims; Brahmins blast the bomb and you hang Muslims.

Hemant Karkare lost his life in Mumbai attacks but changed the course of communalism in India. IGP Mushrif believed that Indian IB needed a cleanup, and till that time Muslims and Lower Caste would keep suffering. Col Purohit was released after 9 years in jail, granted interim bail by the Supreme Court of India on 22 August 2017 and his case is still pending in the High Court of Mumbai.

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DSP Davinder Singh’s arrest and startling disclosures have once again raised questions on Indian Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) and false flag operation against their own people. ‘India Today’s report of 13th January suggests that the nexus between a decorated J&K Police officer and the terrorists is likely to ruffle many a feather, as the past of the DSP is going to haunt the intelligence agencies for long.

Interestingly, this DSP was awarded Police Medal for gallantry by the State of J&K and was awaiting his promotion to the rank of SP. While India has a track record of involvement of its military, police and intelligence agencies in false flag operations to gain international attention, there is a need to carry out an analysis of how deep is this network and why the international community needs to raise the issue.

OpEd Penned By Mohammad Jamil. The writer is a senior journalist based in Lahore. Shared By Syed Shaif Up Haq. DOES NOT REPRESENT THE VIEWS OF THE EURASIAN TIMES