Pakistani Ambassador Summoned By Afghanistan For Controversial Remarks

Afghanistan summoned Pakistan’s ambassador Zahid Nasrullah Khan over his controversial remarks. Afghan Deputy Foreign Minister Idrees Zaman wrote on Twitter: “Today @mfa_afghanistan summoned Pakistani ambassador and handed him a diplomatic démarche, in protest to his latest statement.”

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A Pakistani diplomatic source in Kabul confirmed that the ambassador was summoned.“Yes, we were called,” the source said while interacting with the media. The Afghan foreign ministry later in a statement described the Pakistani envoy’s remarks as “irrelevant and in contradiction with Pakistan’s commitments with regard to realising peace in Afghanistan”.

The statement from Afghan foreign ministry asked Pakistan to “act upon its commitments with regards to Afghanistan, particularly those in relation to peace and refrain from making irrelevant statements that do not help solve any problem”.

Afghan media cited the Pakistani ambassador as asking the Indian government to share “credible evidence” regarding its claim of Pakistan’s hand in the attack.

Pakistani ambassador comments came amid a series of statements by Indian leaders, including Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who warned Pakistan it will pay a “heavy price” for the attack. The Pakistani envoy also warned India of befitting response if New Delhi turned to the military option.

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