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No More’ Says Donald Trump On Financial Aid To Pakistan

US President Donald Trump in his first controversial tweet of the year wrote that the US has given Pakistan more than USD 33 billion over the past 15 years. He added that Pakistan has in response given ‘nothing but lies & deceit’. ‘No more,’ he said while adding that Pakistan gives safe haven to the terrorists. In response to Trump’s tweet, Pak Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif said that his ‘no more’ comment holds no importance as Pakistan has already clarified to the US that they will not do more.

Following these new developments, Chinese editorial Global Times wrote that Pak has been the biggest support base for US military operations in Afghanistan while adding that the nation is still a part of ‘onshore supply line’ for US troops in Afghanistan. Global Times further added that Islamabad will be forced to tighten its ties with China and Russia in case of a break up with the US. Adding that Pak is the only Islamic nation with nuclear weapons, Global Times said that Beijing will not give up on Pak.

The Chinese editorial said that US has dared to humiliate the Islamic nation as it no longer depends on the country the way it used to before. Pakistan has been cast aside by the US since it has now served its purpose, said Global Times. The editorial further adds that the Indo-Pacific strategy could be a deciding factor behind Trump’s decision. Acknowledging a BJP spokesperson’s reaction to Trump’s tweet, the Global Times said the US could now get India closer through the move.

The Way Forward on Pakistan

The Global Times suggests that the Trump administration must look at savings since the government has been looking at other nations for contributions to a ‘lazy American society’. Speaking on China’s future plans, the Global Times says the nation must continue towards strengthening its relations with the Islamic nation but must not give out an impression that it is targeting India.

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