Pakistan Taliban or ISIS – Who is Behind Suicide Attacks in Quetta, Balochistan?

Pakistan Taliban (TTP) or ISIS – Who is behind the Quetta Suicide Attacks on Polling Station in the restive Balochistan region? A suicide bomb blast in the Eastern Bypass of Quetta killed at least 31 people including 5 policemen, during the elections process. Is it really ISIS or Pakistan Taliban (TTP), which EurAsian Times reported would be keen to demonstrate their prowess under the new leader, especially during the election process?

As reported by Pakistani media, the blast took place outside a polling station in Quetta. Besides the suicide blast in Balochistan, several other instances of violence were reported across Pakistan amid polls for the new government. Quetta is the capital of the resistive Balochistan Province.

The election campaign in Pakistan has been marred by several terror attacks and instances of violence across the nation killing political representatives as well as their cult followers. The foreign media has termed these elections in Pakistan as being the most controversial or the dirtiest elections ever in Pakistan.

A police spokesperson informed Pakistan’s GEO TV that the suicide bomber who targetted the police van in Quetta intended to enter the polling station outside where the blast happened. This attack as being described as a part of a larger pattern of attacks on the Pakistani security forces and on the ongoing electoral process in Pakistan.

Elections in Pakistan under Threat from New Taliban Leadership

As EurAsian Times reported earlier, Pakistan Taliban (TTP) poses a major threat to the elections process. Elections in Pakistan will be held on July 25 and the threats of militancy loom large over the elections. To ensure peaceful conduction of general elections in Pakistan, the Pak intelligence agency will need to be at their efficient best to eliminate the threats from all militant outfits, including Pakistan Taliban.

In recent drone strikes on Afghanistan the former leader of Tehrik-i-Taliban, Maulana Fazlullah was killed during an iftar party. After his elimination Pakistan Taliban has appointed Mufti Noor Wali as the commander of the militant outfit. Now the Pakistan Taliban under a new leadership will be keen on intensifying terror operations. Just like any other new leadership in a militant organisation Noor Wali too would be keen to demonstrate his power. Pakistan Taliban will also look to amplify terror attacks just to prove the point that they have not weakened after the death of Maulana Fazlullah.

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