Pakistan Skips Key SCO Conference In India Over Kashmir Issue

India hosted the first Military Medicine Conference for the members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) on Thursday which was skipped by Pakistan. After being ignored perpetually by the international community for the unprecedented internationalisation of the Kashmir issue, Pakistan did not attend the conference despite being invited.

Officials of India’s defence ministry confirmed that a formal invitation was sent to Pakistan being a member state of the SCO.

India became a permanent member of the SCO in 2017 and since then it’s the first Military Medicine Conference being hosted by it. This conference is being attended by 40 Indian delegates and 27 international delegates representing different member nations of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation.

Repeated humiliation for Pakistan at the UN

Pakistan was left red-faced in the recent UNHRC session when its allegations against India were rebutted with effectiveness and precision. UNHRC member nations did not extend any support to Pakistan and maintained that the Kashmir issue must be solved bilaterally between the two nations.

Before this, Islamabad had to face embarrassment at the UNSC closed-door meet on Kashmir where most of the permanent members refused to buy Pakistan’s narrative on Kashmir.

Ever since the abrogation of Article 370 and the bifurcation of the state of Jammu and Kashmir was announced by the government of India, Pakistan has expressed firm opposition and has tried to bring the international community to its side in order to challenge India’s decisions with respect to Kashmir.

Much to Pakistan’s embarrassment, even the predominantly Islamic nations have not stood behind Pakistan and have rather recognised Kashmir as an internal matter of India. Right after the decisions made by the government of India in context to Kashmir, Pakistan downgraded diplomatic ties with India and also suspended bilateral trade.